12 February 2010 - A Tax Planning Workshop for SMEs

Organised by National Library Board and Bizibody Technology Pte Ltd.

Venue: The National Library's Possibility room.
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Subject to availability of spaces.
Admission is FREE!


Are you in search of a quick understanding of your corporate tax issues?
This half day seminar will provide you with the most recent tax developments and an identification of the tax issues that you have to be aware of.
This seminar is intended for personnel working in small and medium enterprises with a financial oversight role or a preparer role with regard to income tax filing and other corporate tax related matters.
We aim to equip the attendees with the arsenal to fulfil their companies’ tax obligations.

Mark your diary and reserve your seats with us at the Corporate tax seminar today.

Topics covered include the following:
Overview of the taxation system 
Basic tax concepts (Structural planning issues)
·    Which is a more tax efficient structure? LLP or private limited company?
·    How to choose an accounting year end?
·    What is capital allowances? 
Administration of tax (Compliance planning issues)
·    Filing of estimate chargeable income, tax returns and tax computations
·    How to deal with the notices of assessment and revised computations issued by the IRAS?
·    Handling tax queries
·    Offences and penalities
·    Do I need a tax agent for representation? 
Contracting with non-residents (Operational planning issues)
·    What is withholding tax?
·    Use of double taxation treaties

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