27 May 2015 - Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme for Professionals, Accountants and Business Owners

Organised by AscentiaTax as a fundraising event for Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund - Profits from the Seminar will be donated to Singapore Redcross Society *

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Venue: Ballroom 2 Level 5, Furama City Centre

60 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059804


Maximising the benefits of the PIC scheme is an area often overlooked by businesses. Gain an understanding of PIC scheme and how it affects your business in this intermediate workshop by AscentiaTax, which will shed light on the types of methods to utilising the Scheme effectively as well as the compliance requirements to be met when submitting to the IRAS. By the end of this workshop, you will acquire: (1) knowledge of the key features of the PIC scheme in Singapore; (2) awareness of recent amended legislation Income Tax Act provisions; (3) adequate skills to file PIC claim forms and other related forms; (4) the know-how to calculate grant claw-back; and (5) basic understanding of the code of ethics required of the people preparing the forms.
Topics covered include the following:
• Brief history of PIC scheme
• Cash payout – tricks or tips
• Difference between hire purchase and leasing on a tax perspective
• Crafting training
• Intellectual properties and PIC
• PIC equipment overseas
• Completing PIC separate approvals application
• Completing PIC cash pay-out claims and other forms
• Ethics/conduct required of tax professionals where preparing PIC claims
 * Proceeds in excess of the costs of organising would be fully donated