Withholding Tax Workshops

Previously organised by a third party seminar company
SDF Fundings & PIC tax grant available!

Run 1: 9 March 2010

Run 2: 6 May 2010

Run 3: 15 July 2010

Run 4: 12 August 2010

Run 5: 22 December 2010

Run 6: 8 March 2011

Run 7: 18 April 2012

Latest run: 27 June 2013

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Are you in search of a quick understanding of your withholding tax issues?
This workshop is intended for general managers, finance directors, finance managers, accountants, business owners or personnel tasked with preparing or overseeing the filing of withholding tax.
By the end of this workshop, you will acquire:
(1) knowledge of the key features of the withholding tax system in Singapore;
(2) awareness of recent amended legislation of the deeming provisions;
(3) adequate skills to file withholding tax forms and certificates of residence;
(4) the know-how to calculate withholding taxes and late filing penalties; and
(5) basic techniques for the purpose of claiming relief under the double taxation agreements.
Topics covered include the following:
Overview of the withholding tax system 
Ways to mitigate withholding tax
Trading in Singapore versus trading with Singapore
Collection Mechnism & timing of payments
Sections 53 & 57 - assessment of agents and collection through agents appointed by IRAS
Updates on amended legislation
Calculating withholding tax and penalties
Completing withholding tax forms
Contracting Do's and Don'ts